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Best prices of yacht charters & sail boats in Costa Blanca

Best prices of yacht charters & sail boats in Costa Blanca

We offer you the possibility of enjoying yourself sailing with the certainty that you are in the hands of the best professionals in the nautical trade. We have all the needed licences and you have the guarantee of being in good hands. We offer safety, in both crewed boat with nautical skipper or without.

Imagine this: The immensity of the ocean and the sea full of stars, in a group of friends, a beautiful vessel sailing the seas in order to find the secrets of its fauna. Idyllic, isn’t it. This attractive experience could be a reality with our nautical charter. This will be the perfect option to be familiar for a different perspective with the secrets of our shores.

If you are not an expert, we have professional skippers, knowing well the routes and the best creeks and roadsteads, they will teach you the pleasures of the sailing.

Sailing Charters

rental sailing ships

Adapted to the sailing cruise to enjoy the sea. With an auxiliary motor and with the most modern systems of comfort and security, for unforgattable trip. You will enjoy sailing and the passion for the sea.

Yatch Charters

rental motor cruisers

Fast, comfortable and secure ships. These ships can move from any costs or islands with great speed. Capacities from 4 up to 12 people. Rental with or without skipper or crew.

Catamarans Charters

rental catamarans

A perfect combination of pieces that makes them to have a great interior capacity and a clear cover. They highlight for their low draught and their low level line. Ideal for families with children and calm trips.

Schooners Charters

rental schooner

The biggest comfort on the sea. Cabins with bathroom, reading living rooms, game rooms, dining rooms. A hotel on the sea. Built-up in wood, with the traditional design of the unforgettable crafts.

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