The Most Idyllic Yoga and Meditation Destinations

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When people decide to go on holiday, many seek to relax and unwind in beautiful new surroundings to reconnect with themselves. But, often due to extenuating circumstances, they fail to do this at the traditional holiday resorts or tourist hotspots.

To remedy this and guarantee an escape from modern life to achieve maximum relaxation and the reinvigoration of the mind and soul, patrons have turned to specialist yoga and meditation trips. While yoga originated in India, its practice, teaching, and retreats can be found all over the world.

Here, we’ll be detailing some of the finest yoga, meditation, and relaxation trips that are available all over the world, from the ancestral homes in Asia to specialised retreats in Central America and Europe.

These four idyllic yoga and meditation trips are sectioned by their provider, with an example of their offering given, but, these will likely change throughout the year as many providers have a varied offering of different kinds of yoga and meditation retreats, so you may find something even more suited to your needs on their websites (listed below each section).

Sathi Retreats: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

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Nicaragua may not be the most commonly associated nation with yoga and meditation, but the retreats ran by Sathi Retreats in San Juan del Sur deliver a unique experience that will reconnect your mind and soul.

Perfect for all levels of yoga and meditation experience, the days start at 6 am with dinner bringing the daily organised activities to a close at 6:30 pm. During each day, attendees will be fed, have two yoga sessions, and have free time in which you can learn to surf, get a massage, or relax on the beach.

The retreat spans eight days, with seven nights in their rustic luxury accommodation costing from €1098 (£974) for the accommodation, yoga classes, three daily meals, unlimited snacks and beverages, and access to surfboards.

For more on Sathi Retreats’ Nicaraguan retreats, follow this link.

Bamboo Yoga: Goa, India

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For the all-out, authentic yoga experience, the perfect location has to be its ancestral homeland of India. Originating in ancient India, yoga is one of the six Astika schools of Hinduism and has become somewhat diluted in its transition to the west. Authentic yoga practices invoke the spirit and induce meditative states while performing what have become physical exercises in many western classes.

With many different schools of yoga and meditation in circulation, Bamboo Yoga offers a wide range of yoga retreats throughout the year. They all have different yogis with classes spanning between seven and ten days in duration.

To give an example of what to expect, the Dynamic Deep Yoga Immersion with Jeff Phenix, taking place in early February 2019, spans eight days and includes accommodation, fresh fruit and fresh fruit juice, vegetarian brunches and dinners, a boat trip, and two long yoga sessions each day. Days begin at 7 am and conclude with a 7 pm vegetarian buffet. Paying as a single person, the whole retreat costs €1017 (£902) but is cheaper if placing a shared booking.

For more information on Bamboo Yoga’s retreats, follow this link.

EcoYoga: Argyll, Scotland

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One of the coldest parts of the United Kingdom is also one of the most spectacular, offering breathtaking scenery and secluded locations which can be the perfect backdrop to your meditation, yoga, and relaxation. EcoYoga’s lodge in Scotland makes the most of the natural splendour for its programmes.

There is a huge range of retreats on offer throughout the year at EcoYoga, from weekend spectaculars, food-oriented classes, and special guest retreats. The retreats range from around €535 (£475) to €1121 (£995) in price, with retreat durations ranging from three to six nights.

In the middle of March, EcoYoga are running an Eat Well, Stretch Well, and Be Happy retreat for three nights which includes accommodation and yoga classes for €535 (£475). The retreat includes plenty of yoga, nature walks, candlelight meditation, hot tubs and outdoor baths, and meals cooked by an Ayurvedic chef.

For more information on EcoYoga’s retreats, follow this link.

Reclaim Yourself: Matsumoto, Japan

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Even though Buddhism originated in China and made its way to Japan between 794 and 1185 C.E., the island nation has become world-renowned for its connection to the school of Zen. Japanese culture fully embraces Zen, with their martial arts, gardens, and tea ceremonies being heavily influenced by the Buddhist school. Now, people all over the world practice Zen and seek its teachings for meditative purposes.

Yoga retreat agency Reclaim Yourself run many extraordinary yoga retreats all over Japan, offering some of the most serene and unique experiences in the world. Practising many different forms of yoga and their respective teachings, you’re sure to find one that suits you in terms of the school, duration, and price. Some can last as little as a couple of days, but the more extravagant trips to the likes of Japan and Sri Lanka often take place over the course of a week.

A fine example of the offering in Japan is the Japan Yoga & Forest Bathing Retreat that’s scheduled for the middle of May 2019. The retreat spans seven nights, four locations, and ten yoga classes with meals and transport included for €3375 (£2995) for private accommodation or €2812 (£2495) in triple rooms. There are many other activities included in the retreat, such as a Zen Buddhist meditation session, use of thermal baths, night hikes, evenings at Togarinozawa onsen, forest bathing, and a Shinto session.

For more information on the Reclaim Yourself retreats, follow this link.

Use the details of yoga and meditation trips above to get a general idea of the kind of retreats that you can enjoy around the world.